Two-Day Retreat :: Day 2: Knitting and the Beach

Day two of my personal retreat was just as good as day one, in its own way.  In the morning, The Daddy Monkey took the kids to his parent’s house for a swim, and I had a quiet house all to myself. Inspired by yesterday’s meditation retreat, I took the morning to clean and declutter my meditation space.  With a nice clean space to call my own, it’s much more pleasant to bring myself to practice.

After they returned, I went out yarn shopping and bought some lovely sock yarn and some jeans for myself. (Only had to try on about thirty pairs, but easy to do when you don’t have two kids with you!) I stopped for a few dinner supplies and headed home.

It felt good to come home to three smiling faces.  I really love these people that I have chosen to share my life with. What a difference it made to have some space to realize that. Taking this time for myself has made me realize how bad I am at making myself a priority.  I am committed to carving out this space a little more often, and asking for help when I need it.

We had a lovely dinner, the four of us, and decided to go for a swim.  The boys played in the waves, and The Girl and I sat on the beach after our swim.  I knitted while The Girl played in the sand.   It was really nice to reconnect with my family at the beach after taking some time alone.

And here I am in a quiet home again.  My three loves sleeping in their beds.   As my meditation teacher said yesterday, “I have everything I need.”

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  1. amy (mamascout) writes:

    thank so much for the visit yesterday mamascout! i have spent time looking through your blog and love it (and feel like i have alot in common with you – except the ability to knit!). i look forward to following your blog. you might not want to say here – but what part of fl are you from? i am in central florida.

  2. Norbert Gianopulos writes:

    I just added this feed to my bookmarks. I have to say, I very much enjoy reading your blog. Thanks!

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