The Homeschool List

I recently put some of the responsibility of school in The Boy’s hands.  Inspired by The Bird’s morning list for her girls, I made a list for The Boy to check off through his school day.  It is working!

The best part is, once it’s done, it’s DONE!  Monday, we had one of our best homeschool days ever, and we were finished by 1:30!  What a good feeling it was to have the rest of the day to play in whatever way we wanted.  The Boy pulled out his Legos, The Girl drew and listened to an audiobook, and I sewed.

It was fantastic.

2 Responses to “The Homeschool List”

  1. mamabird writes:

    Yay for lists! Your board looks so colorful, I love it!

  2. saraelise writes:

    Awesome! I call that a blissful parenting day and I wish you many more.

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