finding joy

Life has been rough this year. And lately I’m finding myself wallowing around in it.¬† I’ve been here before, and I recognize the space I’m in.

I was really feeling sorry for myself, and I remembered this post by Erin at Bluebirdbaby. It sums up how I feel right now. Erin says, “Everyday, heck…every second, something happens in your life that gives you a choice. A choice between acceptance and gratitude, or misery and unhappiness.”

Seriously what I need is a swift kick in the rear, or words like that. I’ll take the words.

And even though I “know” that I’m the only one responsible for my happiness, I need a reminder every once in a while. So in the midst of this chaos called life, I decided to carve out little tiny spaces of awareness. To recognize the joy. I decided to look back at the the photos I’ve taken with my new camera, and there was the proof right before my eyes. I do have a beautiful life. Of course life’s not about one ecstatic moment after another. Ironically, that’s a lesson I’ve been trying to teach The Boy lately. It seems I’ve got it now. Ups and downs. Highs and lows. Joy and sorrow.

As I looked at the photos, I realized that I do have those small moments. My days are filled with them.

A beautiful sunset caught from the backyard.

Fresh bread rising on the kitchen counter.

Making cookies with a sick little girl.

Marvelling at a spider’s handiwork.

The beginning of the school year, and the return to our school year rhythms and field trips.

A sweater nearly finished and another right behind it.

A girl’s night out.

And the smell of this soup simmering away in my kitchen right now. And not a moment too soon because with a little cold working its way through our home, soup is just what we need.

Trying my very best to find joy in the little things.



5 Responses to “finding joy”

  1. Sian writes:

    Hi, I’ve just found your blog – it’s lovely, Paris looked amazing : )
    I too find looking through my photos the best way to see what a wonderful life we have, it’s so easy to miss the small beautiful pockets of time.
    Will pop in again : )

  2. Lilac writes:

    Just found your blog via Junkaholique, lovely photos and sentiments

  3. brenna writes:

    Loved it! It’s the littlest things that keep up moving. :)

  4. Tammy writes:

    Definitely with you on the ups and downs front, hang in there! Sometimes there are too many downs…but then I see these beautiful images, and they make me want to pick up my camera again. (Now where did I put the charger?)

  5. Coco Draws writes:

    Love this post and all your photos. :)

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