more wooden toys

Here is another set of handmade toys that the Daddy Monkey and I made for the kids. I’ve written before on how I feel about these home made toys. It really warms my heart to see them being played with again and again. Providing my children with something that requires their imagination rather than something that requires batteries is a subtle lesson, but one we feel strongly about in our home. By creating toys for them with our own hands, we teach our children (indirectly) about the value of the hand made and the value of creativity. These toys are timeless and classic. What child doesn’t at one time love knights or princesses? Or wizards and kings? I look forward to seeing my grandchildren play with these toys, many many years from now. And I hope they know how much love and creativity went into them. Perhaps their parents will teach them that someday.

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  1. MamaBird writes:

    I’m smitten! Beautiful craftsmanship and beautiful sentiments.

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