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The Sandwich That Changed My Life

Oh hello there.  I’ve missed you.  I am still here. We went tomato picking at our local farm today.  One dollar for a full plastic bag.  That equates to about 14 pounds of tomatoes for a dollar.  How could I pass that up?! I spent a total of five dollars on 73 pounds of tomatoes, […]

Yesterday’s Birthday Cake

It was The Daddy Monkey’s birthday yesterday. The kids played with their grandparents while we saw priceless works of art and ate sushi.  Then we went toy shopping (of course). It was a rare treat, being alone together for that long. (Our longest ever without kids, I think.) I made this coconut cake. I made […]

Recipe Box and a Gluten-Free Recipe

I’ve been wanting to organize my very favorite recipes into a very special place.  I could only imagine my happiness if someone handed me a box like this, filled with cherished recipes.  I would probably explode with joy.  So the journey begins. The Daddy Monkey gave me this box for Christmas and I love it […]

School at the Beach

Well I sort of disappeared from this space for a while there.  I’m sure you can guess why:  I came down with the flu the kids had. Somehow The Daddy Monkey was spared.  But today we are all sick with some sort of sinus cold.  So rather than focus on how much sickness I’ve dealt […]

A Year of Choice :: Dance Party for One (Or More)

When the homeschool day begins to get stale, and I’m going a little cuckoo from being the only adult in the house, I like to put on some loud music and dance around.  Sometimes the kids think I’m crazy, sometimes they join in.  Today’s song was “I Got a Woman” by Ray Charles.  Actually, almost […]

A Year of Choice

Lately I’ve been feeling like my little corner of the interwebs has been getting pretty heavy.  Too serious.  I love that I can come to this space and let it all hang out, so to speak.  To get my thoughts out of my head and speak my peace.  But my original intention here was to […]

The Word of the Year :: Mindfulness

I do still have lots to share from our holidays.  Snow, snow, and more snow.  It was a fun Christmas, but it’s always good to be back at home. We’ve never travelled during the holidays before, and it had its own set of challenges. I’m wishing things had been a bit more relaxed.  And while […]

Monkeys on the Road!

Since our children have never seen snow (and The Daddy Monkey and I haven’t seen it in thirty years) we decided to take them to New York for Christmas.  Everyone said that we would probably not see snow this early in winter, but we were optimistic. We saw our first snow in Virginia, and it […]


It’s that time of year again.  Every year I have the same intention to slow down and to spend and do less.  And I was doing really well this year.  I was pretty proud of myself.  Then I decided to start homeschooling the week of Thanksgiving.  Then I sprained my foot.  Then I realized that […]

The Beginning of the Journey

Lately, the wise words of Lao Tzu have been in my thoughts: “The journey of a thousand miles begins with one step.” After a very long soul-searching, and a very long path, we have decided to homeschool.  Our reasons for doing so are as complex as education itself.  I’m still having a hard time explaining […]