I Made A Sock!

I cannot believe I got this done so fast.  I know some people can whip up a pair of socks in a few days, but I am not one of them.  Some day maybe.

I used Alyson Johnson’s Just Yer Basic Sport Sock pattern.  It took me a while to find a basic, simple sock pattern with no fancy stitches.  I had to rip out the toe decreases once because it didn’t fit my big Fred Flintstone feet.  Next time I will make them a little wider in the toe.  After I finish this pair, I plan to make a pair in self striping yarn because I’m crazy for striped socks.

It is not the most beautiful sock in the whole world, but it fits, and it will keep my feet, um foot, warm.  I’ve already cast on another one, so this one won’t be an orphan for long.

It was a fun project, and not nearly as hard as I had anticipated.  Perhaps after the slippers from hell,  anything seems easy.  I will always remember this sock as being the one I knitted with my Grandma right next to me.

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  1. Frederick writes:

    Your poor cold foot :)

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