The Girl Crafts

The Boy and The Daddy Monkey were napping and The Girl toddled up to check out what I was doing.  I was working on stuffing the love birds (which much to my embarrassment, are still not finished).  First she pulled wads of the stuffing out of its box and handed them to me.  When she was done with that, she climbed up on the couch, and tried to un-stuff the ones I had done.  When she saw exactly what I was doing, she tried to help put the stuffing back in.  That’s a chopstick in her hand, and she is trying to use it to pack the stuffing in, as she saw me doing.  I did not put these things in her hand, she just did it in her own.

I couldn’t believe my eyes.  Never, in four and a half years have I ever been able to get The Boy to sit still for this long and help me with a project.  Here she is, fourteen months old, and already she is crafting with me.  It was such a sweet wonderful moment for me, I just sat there enjoying every second of it, seeing a glimpse of what the future might hold for us.

I can’t wait to teach her to sew.

5 Responses to “The Girl Crafts”

  1. mama bird writes:

    This makes my heart smile! You deserve a crafty girl by your side, mama!

  2. Maggie writes:

    Yea for little girls stuffing tiny pink birdies with their Mamas!

  3. kangaroo writes:

    aaaaaaah. she’s going to have so much fun.

  4. Sunnydazeuk writes:

    She really was meant to be. :)

  5. gradma writes:

    I love it! it brings back so many sweet memories of your childhood

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