Medium Boiled Eggs, and Apologies to Julia Child

After watching Julie & Julia, I think everyone was making poached eggs.  I’ll admit, I even gave it a try, but the results were far too disastrous to share here.  Yes, I stirred my water vigorously. Yes, I used farm fresh local eggs.  But poached eggs and I just aren’t meant to be.

So I have discovered the beauty of the medium-boiled egg.  Its white is fully cooked, but the yolk is left delightfully, creamily runny.  Thank you Mark Bittman, for showing me the way.

I’ll admit that I too, used to be an egg hater.  I never liked a runny yolk, and I was never even that crazy about scrambled eggs, either.  I’ll eat a fritatta or omelet, if it’s smothered in cheese.  But these eggs.  They are different. They are creamy and delicious.  Slap them atop two slices of garlic bread, and you’ve got yourself a meal.  I am eating these all the time.  I cannot stop myself.  Come to my house right now, and I may offer you some eggs instead of a cup of tea.


Bring a pot of water to a boil. Prick a small hole in the wide end of two eggs with a pin.  When your water boils, gently lower the eggs with a spoon so they do not crack.  Set your timer for six minutes exactly.  You want to keep the water at a nice simmer, but don’t let it boil all crazy-like.  Go fill a large glass with crushed ice and water.  Start your toast.  When the timer goes off, pour out the boiling water, and pour in your ice water.  Set your timer for one minute.   Roll the eggs around a few times, to cool them evenly.  When the timer goes off again, remove your eggs.  Peel them (they should peel easily after the ice bath) and place them atop your toast which you have drizzled with olive oil and rubbed with garlic.  Slather the whole buiness with salt and pepper.  Eat and see if you are not in heaven when you taste them.

5 Responses to “Medium Boiled Eggs, and Apologies to Julia Child”

  1. MamaBird writes:

    I’m on my way over….yumm!

  2. Maggie writes:

    i know what is for breakfast tomorrow!!!!!!!!

  3. theswedelife writes:

    With directions so precise, how could I not at least THINK of trying it?

  4. Janice writes:

    That looks delicious! It’s midnight here in San Diego and I’m not sure I can wait until breakfast to make this…Thanks for sharing!

  5. Elena writes:

    well i’m obviously a little late to the game on this post, but i just had to tell you that after searching and trying a million different versions of the medium boiled egg, this technique, by far, has produced the greatest results (and easiest to peel)!! thanks!

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