Spring Busyness

Oh hello there.  I’m still around.  Been spending as much time as humanly possible outside.  And when I’m not outside enjoying spring, I’m inside reading with the kids, or sewing.  I’ve been busy.

Really busy. I’ve got spring fever something fierce.

I’ve given my kitchen a makeover.

I’ve made progress on my Spring Wardrobe Project–two tops and one skirt finished.  (It is impossible to take photos of oneself without a tripod, I’ve discovered.)

I finished this sweater.

I whipped up some shorts for The Girl on Sunday.  Nothing better than a Sunday morning date with the Featherweight.   I remember purchasing that fabric years ago, knowing that someday I would make some clothes for my little girl.

When the shorts were finished, she told me that they needed a pocket.  Of course she said that after the shorts were done.  There may be a patch pocket in her future.

And here’s a preview of what I’m working on for the kitchen.

3 Responses to “Spring Busyness”

  1. Jo writes:

    We’ve been spending a huge amount more time outside this past week, and it is just so lovely to be able to (although it’s definitely not shorts weather round here yet!). Well done on the spring sewing – I’m in the process of trying to create a bit of a post-natal wardrobe for myself, which is tedious but essential.

  2. Tammy writes:

    Yay! You’re writing again…Just when I was beginning to wonder/worry!

  3. Kitchen Rugs | The Laughing Monkey writes:

    […] are the rugs I hinted about.  I really love them.  The instructions can be found in the book Patchwork Style by Suzuko […]

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