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St. Nicholas Day

Another sweet and simple holiday–just how I like it.  Our celebration was very similar to last year’s. This year, St. Nicholas brought each child a golden nut, a tangerine, chocolate coins, a candy cane, a geode to break open, and a small wooden mushroom kaleidoscope. For The Girl, he brought a small wooden honey pot […]


Well, even though the winter holidays are nearly upon us, I wanted to share a few snaps of our Autumn.  We had a nice Martinmas, even though we headed out a bit too late and The Girl was a bit scared by the complete darkness of the woods around us.  It was still a delightful […]


Once again, I was pretty proud of myself for getting the kids’ Halloween costumes done ahead of time.  I love making the costumes for the kids (I always did fantasize about being a costume designer), and the key to doing it stress-free, is starting very early. Much to my chagrin, The Girl chose to be […]

The Summer Nature Table

Hard to believe another summer is almost gone… We’re ready when you are, Fall.

Tomato Fest 2011

I spent the past weekend processing the 73 pounds of tomatoes I picked on Friday, and it was exhausting work.  But now I have thirteen quarts of canned tomatoes, five pints of frozen oil-packed oven roasted tomatoes, thirteen pints of tomato chutney, and six pints of tomato jam.  Whew!  That’s a lot of chutney?  Do […]

May Day

We celebrated our first May Day today.  Being a cross-quarter day, marking the midpoint between the spring equinox and the summer solstice, it signifies the peak of spring, and the forthcoming summer.  We joined together for flower crafting, singing, dancing, playing and feasting.  Enjoying the sunshine and fresh air, as many many before us have.  […]

Spring Nature Table

Spring 2011

I love the springtime.  It’s my favorite season here in Florida, and it can be fleeting.  I love the whole spring holiday aesthetic: pastel colors, birdies, eggs.  What’s not to love about that?  I vowed to not let the holiday sneak up on me this year but it did anyway.  It seems that every year […]

School at the Beach

Well I sort of disappeared from this space for a while there.  I’m sure you can guess why:  I came down with the flu the kids had. Somehow The Daddy Monkey was spared.  But today we are all sick with some sort of sinus cold.  So rather than focus on how much sickness I’ve dealt […]

The Winter Nature Table

Here’s our winter nature table once again.  Even though some days it doesn’t feel like winter, it at least looks like winter on our nature table.  I got the idea for the tree from Made by Joel.  I really miss naked trees down here in Florida. Wheatgrass and quartz crystal. Handmade tomten.  I absolutely love […]